A luxury villa can be a more affordable option than a luxury hotel with the same facilities. Also a villa can accommodate more people, ideal choice for families or friends gatherings.

Spending your holiday in a villa offers you much more flexibility in various levels such as: you choose the time you wish to eat in or outside, the time you wish to spend at the pool and when to keep the noise down.

An accommodation in a villa gives so much freedom to children and teenagers as they can act freely and play, run, laugh without upsetting other guests like in the hotel.

Preparing meals in the villa can be easy and fun, as you can follow your own choices (for example if you wish to enjoy healthier meals). And of course there is always the option of the chef, upon request.

According the facilities you wish to enjoy during your holiday (for example tennis court, sauna, pool, home cinema), you can choose the ideal villa for you and just enjoy these facilities in absolute privacy, as you will not need to share them with other guests.

And the most important point is the privacy and tranquility during your wonderful holiday. It will be easier for you to relax with your beloved ones and enjoy lovely moments, such as swimming to the pool at sunset time and drinking cocktails. Generally, will follow your own schedule, waking up the time you wish without worrying if you will find a free sun bed and without sharing the pool with other guests.

If you need suggestions for your next villa experience, contact us. We will be happy to assist with a proposal of villas in various regions of Greece!