Greece is the ideal destination for a luxury yachting experience

With the 9th longest coastline in the world and 220 inhabited islands, offers a unique opportunity
for private yachting in various Greek islands. From picturesque villages to stunning bays, lush nature, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant islands or cosmopolitan sides. Whatever you wish to explore is here.

And we assure that you will enjoy an experience that you and your beloved ones will forever cherish!

According the following facts, Greece is one of the most popular destination for luxury yachting, with an impressive growth of available yachts.

In 2021 Greece was sitting at the top of the international chart as one of the most popular destination for yachting, with a 23% market share. Greece also experienced 15% growth in its fleet, with 224 superyachts, having a charter license.

A Bloomberg survey has also confirmed this new era in quality yachting in Greece; its seas and shores hosted 194 such luxurious boats at end-June, up from just 81 in May. Sales and chartering have shown a huge increase around the world, and Greece has become the leading destination.


Greece is a preferred destination of wealthy people who love enjoying the yachting experience in its various islands:

The fact you can wake up alone in a bay, go to a little town and eat at a small seaside taverna is unique. On other places it's not the same, you just sail along the coast, there are more yachts, and it is not as secluded as Greece,” said Wedell-Wedellsborg, owner of the Weco Shipping company.

(source: Financial Times)