Your Preference Sheet

For the organization of your cruise in absolute satisfaction when you come to a decision with your booking, along with the contract we will also send you a document called ‘’Preference Sheet’’. This is a form containing all your charter details and a very detailed food and drink preference list, with indication to preferred meals or any allergies. Have in mind that this list needs to correspond to all members of the group being in this cruise. When we receive this list we will forward it to our crew in order to make the arrangements.

If you wish to read the preference sheet before you proceed with the booking, you can download it here

Your Preference Sheet Luxury Yachts



The Preference Sheet is the document where you clarify your needs. Whether you have any allergies or other limitations or some special requirements, be as much informative as you can.
So we will be able to prepare your cruise in the best possible way and pamper you to the maximum.